Falls are among the leading causes of workplace injury and death each year. Fall protection is listed in the top 10 OSHA violations each year according to

Safeline-FP provides a wide array of fall protection solutions for the construction industry, such as personnel safety and debris netting systems, temporary handrails and lifeline anchor solutions. Our services also include custom fabrication design, engineering and installation services for those projects that require more than an off-the-shelf solution.

Under construction multi story building
Image of repairing a large bridge with Safeline-FP's debris netting systems for construction worker safety.


The United States infrastructure and our “crumbling” roads, bridges and tunnels, in particular, have been in the national consciousness for several years now and unfortunately it has reached a critical point.

Safeline-FP debris nets for bridge debris containment are designed to surround a bridge undergoing work to protect pedestrians, workers, vehicles, and nearby properties from falling debris. They are also ideal for instances where debris may be falling into rivers and streams from older bridges that are scheduled for repair. Not only do the nets make clean up safer and minimize liabilities, but they also address Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

General Industries

Providing a safe production environment for workers and maintenance staff requires the implementation of a comprehensive fall prevention strategy. This includes the proper mix of fall protection equipment, personnel training, and partnering with a fall protection company that appreciates the unique nature of your facilities access points and potential fall hazards. 

Due to the broad nature of the general industries, fall protection system designs can include horizontal lifeline systems, rigid track systems, rigid beam systems, catwalks/mezzanine decks and/or a combination of multiple systems. Understanding the unique nature of both your production facility’s access points and fall hazards combined with a turnkey approach to OSHA compliant fall protection system will keep your site and personnel safe.

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