Who We Are

Headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland, Safeline-FP is a full-service, manufacturing company that specializes in fall protection systems. We design, engineer and manufacture an ever-growing line of fall protection and safety solutions for construction and general industry.

A smiling construction worker stands in front of an excavating machine.
Male construction worker using a hammer

What We Do

With over 30 years of experience in the construction and safety industries our goal was to help you protect your company’s most important business assets (your employees). And because of that, we made it our mission to manufacture the best possible products that deliver the perfect combination of safety, efficiency, durability, and affordability. Additionally, knowing that each project is unique, we take a consultative approach with our customers to make sure that our products and services are a match with your specific needs. 

Our clients include both large and small construction companies on new and renovation projects, bridges, tunnels, manufacturing, service/distribution facilities, and energy/utility providers.

Why Choose Us

Over 30 Years Experience

We have been designing, manufacturing, installing and training within the field for over a quarter century.

Forged In U.S.

Our netting and steel components are all proudly made in the United States.

On Site Consulting

As your fall prevention partner, we join you on your worksite to answer your safety-related questions.


As innovators in our field, we design and manufacture handrails that include corner rails, an option that addresses important installation challenges.