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With over 30 years of experience, SafelineFP is a leader in fall protection equipment offering OSHA compliant and ANSI tested Personnel safety nettingdebris netting, temporary handrails, anchor systems and custom fabrication solutions. Because of our understanding of the unique needs involved in the field, we not only service the industry by installing safety equipment, we have partnered with our clients to train their employees in on-site best practices. Once the equipment is installed, they will know how to continue the care of your fall protection solutions,  ultimately ensuring that your worksite remains a safe environment for you and the communities in which you build.


Industries We Serve


Safeline-FP provides a wide array of fall protection solutions for the construction industry, such as personnel safety and debris netting systems, temporary handrail and lifeline anchor solutions.

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Safeline-FP debris nets for bridge debris containment are designed to surround a bridge undergoing work, to protect pedestrians, workers, vehicles, and nearby properties from falling debris.

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General Industries

Safeline-FP has years of experience in design, manufacturing and installation of these custom fabrication solutions that are geared to your specific needs.

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Why Choose Us

Over 30 Years Experience

We have been designing, manufacturing, installing and training within the field for over a quarter century.

Forged In U.S.

Our netting and steel components are all proudly made in the United States.

On Site Consulting

As your fall prevention partner, we join you on your worksite to answer your safety-related questions.


As innovators in our field, we design and manufacture handrails that include corner rails, an option that addresses important installation challenges.